My Enemy

Minor Rant

I was going through my email today. I get email from some companies maybe once a month, sometimes every few months. Maybe I ordered a specialized/custom product from them before. I don’t mind them. But then some company decides that they need a “Social Media Manager” or whatever. I know when this happens because I start getting emails from them everyday.  So now I have to manage all those emails clogging up my inbox.  Sometimes the company decides I should get two emails everyday.  I guess they must be trying to cull their email lists, because I then just unsubscribe.  I wonder if they really thought it through.


I did some work in Blender. Since I want to create a 3D version of the SpaceShooter game in Godot I will need an enemy.  Here is what it looks like so far. I think I will add a couple more changes. I don’t want to get too detailed since I am not sure how to get it into Godot.

I did the next lesson in Synfig. The involved creating a walk cycle. You animate a character to get a complete sequence of placing a foot in this case the right foot down to the lift of the left, to the placement of the left and lift of the right until the right is placed down. You then create a loop in place of the character walking that can then be arbitrary in length.


I watched another lecture – Great Courses- Writing Great Fiction.
Started a book Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud