Blender to Godot


Today I worked on getting the model I created in Blender to import into Godot. This is easier said than done.
OBJ – can be used as static object – no skeletons

DAE – I had to download and install  the Godot supported export “Better Collada Exporter” Blender add on. Once I got permissions squared away it “worked”.  In Godot the import of the OBJ was fine. The DAE version was a little more problematic. It erred when it imported the enemy model.
This may have been caused by me linking to the PNG, a graphic image with the color details. I added the PNG to the assets of the Godot project and was able to use the albedo texture to show the colors.

Imported OBJ file into Godot
Imported DAE version with material in the Godot Editor
DAE version in Godot preview.

I did notice that the model was not displaying properly but this could be cause by the way I had created some of the faces. I know a better way now, that involves solidifying a cylinder. Here you can see where there is some space just above the green arrow. This should have been a solid ring.

I will  make a new model from scratch.




I started a new Great Courses – Our Night Sky.
I read some more Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud. There is a chapter on the space between panels called gutters and how a story can be told in the negative space.