Please bear with me.


I worked on animating the bear. They say if you want to get good at something, first you have to suck at doing it. I have first part down. Here are a couple of animated gifs.  The fist one I was not paying attention and did not do the arms correctly. The second I fixed the arms but they both have a hitch in their step so I will have to try again. I will need to work on creating better animation parts for use with the skeleton functionality.


I watched another lecture from Great Courses – Our Night Sky. This one covered using binoculars and small telescopes.

I finished Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud. If you are interested in comics or sequential art, it is a good book. The only thing that stuck out for me was when he had a reference to “Heavy Metal” magazine. He had some guy holding it like it had a centerfold. I had a subscription to “Heavy Metal” for over twenty years and it was not that kind of magazine. It mostly had comics and artists from around the world so it covered all kinds of topics, not super hero related at all.

I started another book “Supermen – The First Wave of Comic Book Heroes 1936-1941. I am not sure if this is representational of those years or if this is what the editor could get his hands on.

Also, I have been reading “The Merchant of Venice”. It has been quite a while since I read Shakespeare. Angel and I had watched an episode of the TV series “Inspector Lewis” which featured the play in it. I was not familiar with the play so I dug up my book with the complete works of Shakespeare and started reading.