Stopped going while designing

Application Design

I thought it was best if I held off coding until I did some design. I did the database design. Some things I had to consider were that households change. The members may grow up and move out. People get married, people don’t get married. There are divorces and adoptions and other factors.

Using the database design I then did a quick design of the application. I started setting up the Golang project in LiteIDE. I will be able to leverage the project I did for my DVDs.


I watched another lecture Great Courses- Our Night Sky. This one covered using a telescope to view the planets.
I continued in the book “Supermen – The First Wave of Comic Book Heroes 1936-1941.  A familiar name Daredevil but not the one from Marvel.
Would Shylock get his pound of flesh? I finished reading “The Merchant of Venice”