Not quite burst into flame weather.

If not for the breeze while riding my bicycle today, I might have burst into flames.


music:Andrea Bocelli – Bocelli, The Spinners – Very Best of

I reviewed my design and fleshed out how the UI will work and determined some of the JSON requirements. I had to think about the use cases and how to implement them. I added a column to the attended table. This will be a datestamp yyyymmdd of when the attended was entered. I figure at some point a new reunion will not be created until after someone checks in. I will add a function to correct this with a util function. I now have a page that lists the family names in alphabetical order.


I watched another lecture Great Courses- Our Night Sky. This one covered the norther sky.
I picked up the book Redshirts by John Scalzi from the library today and I am about one third through it. If you are thinking Star Trek, close but Space Fleet and the Universal Union.
I am still working my way through Pale Blue Dot. This is my nightly read before bed, so I only make about a chapter a night.