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I added the code to loop through the JSON and output the household detail and then added code for the member. When the row for the household or the individual div in the members is clicked I call a function to log the div id to the console. I will next have to add a “form” for editing the data. I figure I can change the value on the fly since this is a single user app and database. The front end and back end will be on the same computer, so I don’t have to worry about network lag. Here is screen shot of app in Chrome. The form starts only as an empty div with a class assigned, everything else is rendered from the data. You might be able to make out in the console the data that displays while building and then clicking the rows of the household or the cells of the members.


I watched another lecture Great Courses- Our Night Sky. This one covered the summer sky.
I started the book The Complete Guide to Figure Drawing for Comics and Graphic Novels by Daniel Cooney.