Back from Vacation

You would think I don’t need a vacation, but having a change of scenery was nice. Angel and I went to Mackinac Island and the Eastern end of the UP.


music: OneRepublic – Native, Elvis Costello – Very Best, Preston Reed – HandWritten Notes

I added the back end code to update a column in the household table. I also added javascript to dynamically create a form to for the update call. I created a look up map to use to convert the field name to the target column name in the database. I added the code to gather the data and make the AJAX call to the server. It is now updating the household. I stil need to add the code to update the member but that should be similar to the code for the household.

Here is a display of the data before update.

I clicked on the state row and this popped up.

I made an edit and clicked update.

Here is the result, I do another round trip and display what is in the database.



I finished watching Great Courses- Our Night Sky. This one covered the southern sky. I started Building Great Sentences – A Sequence of words.