Just a Mirage

Just a note about the song Mirage  (youtube )was inspired by “I think we’re alone now” when the producer put the master tape in backwards and the band liked the chord progression.


music: Tommy James and the Shondells – Anthology

I added the code to dynamically generate the add member form. I also added code to make the round trip passing json to the backend. I added the backend code to validate and insert a household. In the process of testing I found I needed to add checks for the existence of members.

Here is the results of testing.


I continued Building Great Sentences – How Sentences Grow. I bought a couple of items for my main desktop machine. Years ago when I built it I figured I would go with a basic gaming video card, figuring that I would be able to upgrade it later by getting more power for less money. Then bitcoin happened. It was not long before people were building bitcoin mining rigs using multiple graphics cards. The hashing algorithm for bitcoin fit with using a GPU.  This drove up the cost of graphics cards considerably over the MSRP. With bitcoin dropping the demand for GPUs is down so the prices are finally getting back to normal sort of. I also bought a new hard drive since the other is getting long in the tooth and I don’t want to have to rebuild it. I installed the new hard drive and attempted to use Clonezilla to copy it. It erred. So now I thought that maybe the drive was not just old but having troubles. I already had bought a copy of SpinRite from Steve Gibson of grc.com who also does the podcast Security Now with Leo Laporte. I have that running now.