Less than two weeks.

I have less than two weeks to get this application done. I may not get all the “nice to haves” mainly because I want to get on to doing some other things I should be able to get the main functionality completed.


music:Dog’s Eye View – Happy Nowhere, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Chance, Toto – Past to Present 1977-1990

I changed to use CSS buttons for selecting existing households. I also started to prettify the other buttons. Making things buttons makes it a little more intuitive what to do. I had added form to the edit field and when I changed the buttons from “input” to “button” they wound up as submits which made it act as if the page was reloading, which it was. Took a few minutes to figure that one out. I added code to check the year and if it is not the current to prompt to update it. Now I have enough information to add the actual check/sign in.


I continued Building Great Sentences – Propositions and Meaning.