One more round

Delia’s Gone

Today I was listening to Al Stewart. One of his songs is “Delia’s Gone”. I got to thinking if this was related to the same named song by Johnny Cash.  If you are not familiar with the Johnny Cash song it is about a the murder of a girl name Delia. The song by Al Stewart mentions she’s gone but not the reason. If you look for the lyrics for the Stewart song they are wrong. The last few lines are not in the song. I think someone posted it wrong somewhere and other people just duplicated the mistake. So, I don’t know if the songs are related, the Cash song is actually based on an actual incident that various versions has been done over the last century. Here is a link to a fairly long article on the song. One more round is a line in the Cash song.


music:Al Stewart – The best of

I changed the stucture of members to include if they are checked in. This allows me to either show the check in button or display “Yes” for being checked in. I also did away with pop up of the update. Now it just redisplays the household details immediately. I also started coding a report function. You would think this would be and easy thing to do. Setting up the structure for a generic report was not hard, creating the objects in the way golang would not complain took a while. I have the round trip taking place but will need to flesh it out with actual data.

Here is how the screen looks after clicking “Check In” for a member.

Here is what the screen looks like after clicking “Check In All Members”.


I continued Building Great Sentences – The Rhythm of Cumulative Syntax.