Just about to stick a fork in it.


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I was able to get quite a bit done today. I added a utils screen with the ability to uncheck in members, deactivate members, deactivate households and move members. I also added the ability to spawn a household from a member.


Here is the new utility screen.

I used the spawn function to create new households.

I can use the deactivate household screen to see the household id and member id to use the move member screen. I moved Any Body back to the main Body household.

I then move Evey Body and then deactivated the two households to get it back to where it was when I began. I think I have the ability to undo all then things that may need to be undone.  I did realize that putting the lastname in the Street value to delineate households would better if I used the first name. I figure the household details can be updated using the household edit functionality.

Here is the screen to Check out a member.

The deactivate member is the same I just swap out the buttons.