Back to a bag of words.


We got  lucky and wound up with a very nice day for our family reunion.  The application I wrote worked pretty good. I did have to restart it at one point, not sure what caused that. I did not have to break out the laptop to fix any code. The utility functions I created were enough to fix or change things. As I figured households did change and had to deactivate someone.

Today I was able to get back to the AI/Machine language course. This one covered the use of a Neural Network to detect spam. It uses a bag of words to create the matrix for the network.  I also finished the course on Synfig animation software. I did an exercise in parallax and then one using a function called convert to do some animation. I will need to go through this course again to let it sink in better.


I listened to Great Courses – Build Great Sentences – Coordinate,Subordinate and Mixed patterns. After all the lecture so far I feel like this is a bag of words.