Monday Blending



I continued the Blender course from Udemy finishing section one. The challenge was to build a model using primitives, cubes, spheres, cylinders etc. I made a model of the Galaxy Gun II.  I think it looks pretty good. The featured image is the render of it. I also found out about OpenGL rendering. This is a much quicker way to get a nice render without having to mess about with positioning a camera.

I then started sculpting a figure in Blender using my 3D mouse. The intent is to have a generic humanoid figure that can be used as a starting point instead of having to start from scratch each time.

Here is the front and back views so far, it started as a sphere.



I finished the lectures on AI/Machine Learning. This covered using creating a neural network and training it versus using a pretrained Inception v3 convolutional neural network. Surprise the pretrained one performed better. I then decided to start another lecture series called Deep Learning using Python. This was just the intro video. I think I may have found the problem with example code running so long. I will most likely need to install a version of TensorFlow optimized for Nvidia graphics cards.

I continued reading the Complete Guide to Figure Drawing for comics and graphic novels, covering backgrounds.

I watched lecture two of the Change and Motion Great Course.