What does the fox say?

What does the fox say?

In this instance “You Dead!”

I decided to install nethack on my laptop. This is an old school computer RPG (Role Playing Game). I installed it from the command line, found the menu item started it up and then looking at the screen I tried to use the scroll wheel and this happened.



I continued with the  Udemy Blender Course. Apparently I had finished Section 2 and now started Section 3. The first few lectures of this section covered keeping the process of model creation in mind  with a little about lean thinking and then importing and sizing images to use as background reference.


Started a new digital painting. I started with a quick sketch,scanned it and imported into Infinite Painter on my Android Tablet and proceeded to paint it. After about an hour and a half I hit the wrong button thinking I was canceling some process it turns out I was canceling the save. I then figured I did not want to have nothing to show I re-imported it and painted for a bit.  Like many things sometimes starting over means you can skip making the mistakes the second time.


Pencil Sketch
Digital painting so far.