Something Something Chess



I continued with the Udemy Blender course. I started section four Making a chess set. This is covering what to keep in mind when planning a multiple asset project. It started with a refresher on adding a background picture as reference and using array modifiers to create a chessboard. Then we started creating the pieces by creating a generic base.



I watched lecture eight of the Change and Motion Great Course.

Books – Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan

I finished the book Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan. This book is from 1994. It covers what Sagan thought the future of humans in space would be. It was interesting reading about the up coming robotic missions that are now in the past. His main thing was that at some point as long as we don’t wind up destroying ourselves it will be inevitable that we move to the stars.

Books – The Complete Guide to Figure Drawing for Comics and Graphic Novels by Daniel Cooney,

I just finished this book and as I have mentioned before it has a lot of really good information. The only problem I have with it is the last section/chapter 7. The section call out mentions that is it the preview of the graphic novel Atomic Yeti with the original script side by side with the inked pages and commentary by Daniel. First problem is that there is no script. The second problem is that the inked pages are scaled so small that it is very difficult to read the dialog at times impossible to make out the lettering. Another problem is that this is supposed be focused on figure drawing but the protagonist does not have consistent facial features but what is worse is that his body changes shape at times seemingly tall and lanky at others short and squat. There are other issues with the props blending in with backgrounds to some faces looking like no effort was put into it. I think this book would have been better off if section 7 was just left out. I still recommend it for all the other information.