Not quite a chess set.

Udemy has their back to school sale on right now. If there is something you want to learn all the courses are $9.99 each.


I did a few more lectures in the Udemy Blender Course. This covered more organization of your project by putting your objects into a hierarchy. It then moved on lighting and the different types available.

Here is the pawns and bishops.



Here is another version this time rendered with lighting.

I downloaded Blender 2.8. This version is still in development but I thought it would be interesting to see what is happening with blender. The user interface is changing quite a bit. I watched a demo of sculpting in 2.8 and found out that you can use a constant value for the dynamic topology. This makes it much easier to extrude out appendages. Here is a quick sculpt I did. I just got a Blender sculpting course on Udemy.


I watched lecture ten of the Change and Motion Great Course.
I read some more of Mitch Byrd’s Notes to Draw From.