As the lamp moves

Blender and a some light animation

The past two days I worked on the Blender course from Udemy. We took the lamp model and animated it.  Here is the 5 second HD result.

This animation took over 3 hours to render.  I did learn about using two instances of Blender to simultaneously render using the GPU and CPU. The GPU renders at about 3 to 1 ratio to the CPU.  We then learned how to re-rig the model to create a file to export for game engines.  I finished Section 5 and started Section 6. Section 6 will involve creating a scene with a fluffy bunny.



I am perusing through my stack of Sketch magazines.  Most of it is still interesting but some of it  is out of date since they started in 2000.

I also started reading Cartooning – The Art and the Business by Mort Gerberg. This version of the book dates back to 1989 which is the updated version of a book called The Arbor House Book of Cartooning from 1983. It is one of my favorite cartooning books. It does not show you how to draw but more along the history and business.

I watched lecture fifteen of the Change and Motion Great Course.