Little Monster


I tried to draw some characters with emotions.



I bought another Blender course through Udemy. It is Mastering Sculpting by Zacharias Reinhardt. I even bought the recommended Blender addon SpeedSculpt. I started the course on Saturday.  Most of the course has been going over the different sculpting tools and what they do. I started the beginners sculpting exercise yesterday. There is a sketch provided of “cute little monster” that you use for reference.  The first step was to create a base mesh.

When I tried sculpting before I tried to create everything from a single sphere.  Learning to create a base mesh from several objects is the most important thing I have learned so far.  It will make sculpting characters with hands much easier. The next step was to rough sculpt first the head and body.

Then the rest of the body.

I had to recreate the tail because it wound up with some weird geometry from using a mirror modifier and accidentally duplicating some surfaces.  Then we started to add details by first combining the head and ears and then sculpting.



I continued working my way through the stack of Sketch magazines and have read through chapter 4 of Cartooning The Art and Business.