No bunny knows


The guy doing Mastering Sculpting course I have been following , said to practice sculpting before going on to the advanced stuff. So, I have switched back to the Learn 3D Modeling Blender Course on Udemy.  I knew I needed to create a bunny and jumped the gun. I created a basemesh here.

Then I sculpted it but found that when joining the parts it did not join properly and created some problems. I tried the few tricks to fix it I learned from the sculpting course and they did not work. I threw out the legs in the base mesh and then re-sculpted the bunny . I know that we will be applying fur later on so I tried to make a furless bunny in hopes that it will look correct when the fur is applied.



I read the Neil Gaiman interview in Sketch magazine.The interview is from a 2002 issue. In the interview he mentioned September 11th. I thought what a coincidence that I read it on September 11th.