A bunny in the hand


I learned about an add on “Sapling” for Blender. The Udemy course had us generate the trunk and branches of a bush and then add leaves and flowers. I decided to use a flower and a couple of leaves from my backyard. Here are the images.

Here is a render of the finished bush.

Here is a render of the scene with the bush in it.



Working on the assembly I decided to start with program that reads a file and outputs to STDOUT. Since I am using x64 some of the registers are different from examples I have found and the actual calls are different. I am also running into issues with the linker. I am using YASM but another assembler is GAS and then there are C like version and straight assembler starting points. C use main() where assembler uses _start. I think at this point I will have to actually start reading the tutorial I found from

x86-64 Assembly Language Programming with Ubuntu By Ed Jorgensen


I continue to work my way through the stack of Sketch magazines and Cartooning The Art and Business.