A little mish and a little mash


I started to look into seeing what it will take to write a simple podcast player. I have the specs in my head so it is just a matter of putting it all together. There will be the player itself with the usual controls but I will add two fairly large buttons. A skip back 5 seconds and forward 15 seconds. I find I miss something someone said and trying to use the little slider control is like using a sledge hammer to crack open an egg. I found and example using the mediaplayer widget so that will be where I start.

Here is the link to the sample google code

It is written in Java and I am going to use Kotlin that should be interesting.


I finished the stack of Sketch magazines and continue reading  Cartooning The Art and Business.

I finally took 20 minutes to mount a TV in the basement on a swivel arm. I have had the arm and TV for years. It was just sitting there and I figured now was the time,since I was waiting for a toaster oven to cool down. A couple of weeks ago my toaster oven died. I bought a new one and the old one went to the basement. Today I went to the basement saw the toaster oven and figured I could check the continuity of the connections, switches and heating elements. I broke out the multi-meter and checked the continuity. I checked the continuity of the thermal fuse and I came to the conclusion it should work. I plugged it in and it heated up. At this point it was still in pieces so I had to wait to put it together which led me to the TV mount. The toast is back together and looks like it works.