A Friday update


This last week I had decided not to post everyday as there were some things I wanted to do, like updating a couple of Windows 10 boxes (still not a fan) as well as getting some stuff set up for a home maintenance project.

So I did take some time to create a set of graphics for an MP3 player I want to create in Android. Here is a sheet of the buttons. I have all the buttons separated


I also continued with some of the Blender 3D modeling course. These lectures covered creating several 3D meshes to use as building blocks and then we used them to build a small building.

We also started using Git as the version control for the different files. It is kind of interesting to first use git on 3D models but this is a nice introduction. I decided to try to figure out using Git-Cola as gui for git. Here is a screen cap.

I have already had to find out how to back out some commits because I accidentally stages some files that should have been ignored.


Gary’s Gadgets

I also took some time to do another Gary’s Gadgets I posted it Wednesday. I had to record a couple of times since the first version was too hard to hear and then I had to figure out how to get computer to use the lavalier microphone and not the web cams.