Another bunny

Today I received an SSD 128GB I had ordered I installed the new drive in the HP notebook I use with the Yiynova tablet monitor. I wanted something that would boot fast. I figured I would not need a lot of storage as I have some servers for that. The drive cost only $25. One thing to note is that if you are disassembling a notebook and there are screws on the bottom, look for anything that looks like a rubber feet and peel it off, that is where you find the screws are that are not letting you pull the cover off.

Blender Sculpting

Yesterday I started sculpting a stuffed bunny from my childhood. Here a where I left off. I need to work on some of the shaping and come up with sculpting brush to lay down a fabric texture.


Blender/ Udemy Course

I did a couple more lectures and decided to redo some of the parts. I changed the ceiling part to be wider and more interesting. I then changed the floor to be wider. I now have an internal width of 3 meters instead of 2.6 meters. I then figured out how to use an array modifier to duplicate the pieces.I can now just by changing array counters have up to 64 segments in a loop.

Here is  a render of the new interior. I am probably going to add more lighting to get rid of the render noise.

Here is a wireframe of all 64 segments. The radius is 50 meters.