Unwrapping the wall

Today’s featured image I did in Krita just messing around


I took some time this morning to work on the coding for an mp3 player. I was able to get some example mp3 files copied to the virtual SDCard on the emulated android device. Now I just need to start debugging.

Blender/ Udemy Course

I covered a couple more lectures covering manually unwrapping a mesh to a UV. The UV takes the 3D vertices and lays out the position in 2D to use with an image. Here is a cube I unwrapped and then painted using the image editor in Blender.



I added a tiled image to the walls in the space station. I updated some vertex info and wound up struggling to get the walls to show up properly. I basically had to add them again. I am getting pretty good and setting up an array modifier.

here is from the outside