I am still learning


I figured out why the android app was failing immediately. It was trying to read the sdcard folder but did not have permission. You have to add the permission for .READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and I think .WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to gain access to directories. But once I got that sorted out the mp3 started playing and most of the buttons worked. If I try to display the playlist it crashes.

Blender/ Udemy Course

More lectures today. I learned about bump maps and displacement maps/modifiers. These types of things lets you add details without increasing the geometry which would cause more processing during renders.

Here is a render where you can see the floor material does not line up correctly.

I added some more lights, the material lines up but is offset to the side.

I used Pinta a simple graphics program for linux to redo the material.  The blue is a little too bright but I can fix that later.

Here is an outside render with the ground surrounding made from a displacement texture.


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