Is this normal?

Today’s Featured Image – I am trying to get used to using Krita on the Yiynova tablet monitor.


I decided that I want to keep the data for the playlist to keep state I added code to handle putting the list into a database. I added code to use a Async task to loop the directories where the media files will be to load to the db.

Blender/ Udemy Course

The course covered using normal maps. A normal maps is a 2D image that represents additional surface to be rendered, giving a low poly count mesh the look of the high poly without as much cost to rendering resources. These are used in video games and animation to keep the FPS up or render time down.

Here is a render of a high poly object.

Here is a render of the low poly count using a normal map. (not much difference note the bump on the one above because the geometry exists on that one but not this one.

Here is the low poly wireframe.

I had to zoom in a bit to show the density on the high poly. Without the zoom it just looked like a black circle.

The course also covered a multi-resolution modifier. This modifier allows you to have varying levels of poly count at the same time.

I played with this and created this monster.

The underlying object just looks like a sphere.