On the nose


I got back to working on the Podcast player. I found out why my code to walk the folders only returned one file. It was pointing to a directory in the root of the storage of the emulated phone. I then spent hours trying to get access to the SD card. I set up a SD card which shows in the file browser of the phone. It is not a simple process to access only the SD card. I want to be able to copy the podcasts to the sd card and then play them. I don’t want to point to all the mp3 files on the phone just the ones in a folder on the SD card.

Blender/ Udemy Course

I learned about vertex sliding and how to create nose mouth loops. Here is what the face looks like with smoothed topology. This gives a better idea how the vertices and edges apply to the subsurface modifier.

I extruded the nose and added loops for the nose, mouth and eyes.


I set up an auto mounting nfs on my laptop attached to my Yiynova monitor tablet. Now I have access from my main laptop, my desktop and the drawing computer.