Eyes and Ear


I opened up Android Studio and got back to work on my podcast player and decided to try again to get the program to read the sdcard. I found this Stackflow Why getExternalFilesDir does not work on some devices.
It looks like the device I was running as emulated the OEM did not set up the SECONDARY_STORAGE variable. I was pretty sure my phone I use as an MP3 player did so I hooked that up USB and set up debugging. I was able to find the SDcard in the file list. I now have access to the sdcard. I can walk the folders on the sdcard identify the folder with “podcast” and then load the file info to the database. I can then select a podcast and play it. The buttons work on the player. I need to add another button to load the playlist from the db because right now it rewalks the podcast folder and that only needs to be done when the user knows they made changes to the podcasts.


Blender/ Udemy Course

I did a few more lessons. I learned about using a Geometry Node and the use of HSV – Hue Saturation and Value when controlling colors.  We used this information to create the visuals to apply to the eye. We then modeled the ear.  Here is the result. The ear is not yet attached to the head.


I continued reading Cartooning the Art and Business by Mort Gerberg