Finished Human Head

I decided it was time to update my server. The boot folder was full so I had to manually remove some of the old linux kernels so I could get the apt-get to work. Once there was room I was able to autoremove more of the kernels and update the whole system.
I have to remember to run autoremove after updating or set up unattended-upgrades.


I made more progress on my podcast player. I added a line to the manifest to force portrait mode. It was crashing when I tilted the device. I also cleaned up the buttons by making the background on the buttons transparent. I still have quite a bit of work to do.

Blender/ Udemy Course

I completed the section on the human head. The ears are now attached.

After the ears we sculpted details using a multi-mesh modifier. We marked seams and UV unwrapped the model. This led to painting a texture for the skin. Here is the render.



I continued reading Cartooning the Art and Business by Mort Gerberg