Moving – (the site that is)

I took some time to just get stuff done.  I moved my web hosting. It is still at Godaddy but now is on their newer Linux plan which should allow me to add Lets Encrypt. I called them up to find out what it would take and how much money. It turns out since it would be a new product to me it wound up costing for 3 years what it would have cost for 1 year on the old plan.  It was not difficult to get the new site set up copying over the files and restoring the database for WordPress. It did take a bit of fiddling around to get the DNS to point to the proper places.


I worked on getting my Alexa/Echo skill certified. As of a couple of days ago had been certified and published. I verified it is available now. It is called Stretch Count. It is a simple skill that does the counting for you. Let’s say you want to do a series of stretches but for some reason you lose count, well no you can use the Stretch Count to do the counting for you.

I did finish the Udemy Blender 3D modeling course and got my completion certificate.  Here are some of the things I did.

  I learned to take a 3D object and put it into a scene,including casting a shadow. You use compositing nodes to create masks to overlay and combine the images into one. I also did a physics simulation of a cannon ball breaking through a brick wall.



I then learned how to use the motion tracking built into blender to solve a camera movement that could then be used to combine 3D objects with some captured video. I took a quick video in the backyard and then added my Elf to the scene. there is a little jump toward the end.

Motion Tracking


My project

I have been trying to recreate a toy from my childhood. Just trying to find images online was quite difficult when you are limited to based on what you remember.  Sometimes it is one step forward two steps back. Just trying to get the holes in the front to look proper when using the smooth shader was time consuming. It is one thing to fallow a tutorial an another when you have to figure stuff out yourself. Here is a series of images showing the steps. You will see the holes in the front appear and disappear.

Let me know if you are familiar with what I am creating.


I did some programming in Pico-8 which is a fantasy game console.  It is a neat little program that includes a code editor, pixel graphic editor and even sound editor.  I have a character walking around the screen. I need to figure out what kind of game to create.

I also started writing up what I did on my sabbatical, I guess the proper term would be self-funded sabbatical.


I had a couple of adventures. One adventure was having my water main line break and then taking almost a week to get that fixed. My NAS died. It looks like the power supply went bad. Luckily it was under warranty and took about a week to get that replaced. There was also some messing around with computers too.(duh)

Going forward I won’t be posting daily but more when I feel like it.