Mixing it up


I started learning about Bootstrap. I have been wanting to do something with one of my web domain names but I would get a little overwhelmed with all the coding that would have to go along with the design I have in mind. Then somewhere along the line I came across Bootstrap.  Bootstrap is a JavaScript framework for building responsive websites. Responsive websites are ones that automatically resize/configure to the device the are being viewed on. Viewing a website on a phone is a lot different than on a laptop or widescreen display. Since nowadays most people are relying on their phones it makes sense to build for that format but also support widescreens. That is were Bootstrap comes in.  I started the tutorial at web3Schools.com. It really just steps you through the different functions and capabilities. It was not long into the tutorial that I found it could do stuff I was thinking of writing myself, but here it was with very little effort.  Just add a div tag with the appropriate class and bam! you have the functionality.  I still have a bit of the tutorial to go through but it definitely looks promising.


Udemy had a sale on courses. I picked up two , one Blender course covering character rigging and animation and another for Inkscape. Inkscape is free open source SVG(scalable vector graphics) editor. I have completed the first three sections. Here are some of the results so far.


I have started a new Blender sculpting project. First is to get a very rough shape to start with.

I started to add some rough features.