Day 3

Since I last posted.

Day 3 of Advent of Code

I have decided to try my hand at Advent of Code. This is programming challenge that has been running for a few years. It has a daily challenge in two parts.  You can use any language you want because it just checks your final answer. The last couple of days the first part of the challenge was straight forward, where the second part took more thinking and code. Today however because of the way I solved the first part, I was able to solve the second part fairly quick.

Today’s challenge is you have rectangles that can overlap. You need to sum up the area that is used by more than one rectangle. I like to be able to visualize the problem so I found a python library that will output a PNG file given an array. I solved the problem by using a matrix and keeping track of the overlaps by adding the usage.  Here is what the overlap looks like when outputted to a graphic file.

The data involved over 1300 rectangles over a 1000×1000 grid.  The second part of the challenged wanted to know which of the rectangles did not overlap. Since I had my matrix I just needed to loop through the rectangle IDs and find the one that only had values of 1.

I modified the output to the PNG to highlight the target ID. The bright rectangle in the bottom half near the right side was the one. Generating the graphics was not required I just wanted some way to see if I was on track.


I did some more work on the sculpture.


I started to re-topologize my Elf model I did last year. I want to do this so I can get a more fluid movement when animating. I was limited in movement last year because the model would bunch up and fold in weird ways.  I had sculpted the Elf and then used a remesh tool to reduce the number of polygons. This resulted in all triangles, which do not bend properly and is difficult to paint because there where spots that did not quite fit using the texture map I painted.

Here is the old version

Here is the new version. I am trying to convert it to be quads (four sided polygons). I have started to isolate the different body parts. the end result I hope will be a model that does not look like crap when being deformed by the armature.




I completed an Inkscape course from Udemy.