More stars for me!

Advent of Code
Day 6

Today I took the whole day to do the challenge. Most of the time I spent trying to figure out what Manhattan distance means and how to implement it in code. There were times when I thought I can never get this done but I kept plugging away. It took me more time than it should have to figure out what I was doing wrong. But Once I did kept moving forward, it clicked and I thought I produced the answer. I submitted it and it was accepted. I thought, great but now I have to do part 2. Part 2 took me a while to understand what to do. I tried something, but I knew it was not right. Then I realized I was overcomplicating it. I could just step back and then using the functions I already created I could then build the new solution. Bing! I got the right answer. I started to think, I have no business even trying Advent of Code. But in the end I did it. I don’t have a comp/sci background so I have to take time to learn the comp/sci part so I can then write the code. After I got it done. I felt relieved and checking the stats on the website, it looks like I am not doing too bad.

Day 7

Today Advent of Code challenge was to basically create a scheduling system. The first part was fairly straight forward to understand but took some time to implement. Take a set of items with prerequisites and then line them up for processing. The second part was to schedule the processing of the items for five workers.

After 7 days I have 14 stars, two for each day.