Not Much Happening.

Once a year I am reminded why I don’t care for Windows 10.  I booted into the partition and needed to download and install software not available on Linux. So naturally there were a billion updates for Windows. When I update my Linux desktops there a  dialog that pops up saying hey there are updates. It tells me how many MB it will need to download and install. It takes a few minutes and if the Linux kernel has been updated it says it needs to be restarted. It then gives me the option of restarting when I want. Most times I just restart because I know it won’t take long. But Windows?……no. Windows then takes more time to “apply updates”. Didn’t the damn thing just apply the updates? Why is taking even more time to shut down. And don’t even think about cutting that short. It will implode your system and you will have to install windows from scratch. Years ago it was easier to install Windows. Bada boom Bada bang. Linux you would have to mess with partitioning and boot setups. But now, I would rather install Linux. If computers were sold so that you had to install your own operating system, most people would be running Linux now. You put the install media in, follow a few prompts to create your user and then it installs. You can opt to include the latest updates while installing. I don’t but you can. After the install you reboot so that you can remove the install media and you have a working system. No crapware installed, No multiple boots. You can then just run the system. Over time you will be prompted to update the system but that so far has not taken much time or bandwidth. If for some reason you go for months without updating, you run the update once and you are caught up. Anyway I needed to update the Windows partition and it is only up to around April of last year.  Oh did I mention that the Linux system updates all your applications not just the operating system. So yeah, “Window now updates in the background!”.  If you don’ t want to do anything and don’t need to access the internet on any of your devices since Microsoft thinks “All your bandwidth belong to Us!”


I did spend some time with Blender. Here is my latest.

To go with the Nutty Navy submarine I worked on earlier this is a toy train from my childhood. I hope to animate it when I finish it.