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CodeMash 2019

I attended Codemash this year. That’s five in a row. Nothing really stood out. By that I mean it was not the year of whatever. In the past it seemed that the main focus was Machine Learning Security or some other big thing. This year was more of a smörgåsbord of varying topics.
The first two days were pre-compilers. The four hour blocks that delve deeper. I did the two blocks on using Unity to build a game. The presenter provided the work files and assets. So I don’t feel right about showing the end result since I am not sure about the licensing. The second day I attended a session on Vue.js. Vue.js is a front end web framework. I had a problem running my files and then it dawned on me that the folder I was writing my code had originated from the zip file he provided and so I needed to change permissions. For some reason I get tripped up by the simple stuff. By the time I got everything running I was way behind. I then concentrated on just trying to follow along. I figure this was not something I was going to focus on in the future since it is just one of several frameworks each with their own idiosyncrasies.
The second half of the day I attended “Experiencing a11y”. We could try out different ways of experiencing the web emulating disabilities with sight and movement. I tried to get Orca running on my laptop. It almost drove me insane. For some reason it just looped “finished loading, current time”, over and over again. I had to kill it. On to the main days of presentations. Nothing really stood out. The only thing I thought I would use was the CSS Grid. I think that may come in handy. I had attended some on creating chat bots using this guy’s framework. Another one on security, a soft skill about a guy stopping cruising through life and start to focus. There was a presentation on Functional Programming. This was a good presentation. I think I need to work on functional programming. I noticed to get some speed increases, this was used in a lot of examples people posted in Advent of Code. I attended a talk by Jay Harris about pivoting when things don’t work out. The next session did not happen as it was canceled but not removed from the schedule, so, I went to a presentation on Alternative Device Interfaces and Machine Learning, which covered different approaches to for web accessibility. Day two I started off with a session on using ML to determine audio types. I did not realize that this was basically the same as was covered in a ML course I took last year. There was a presentation on “Esoteric Programming Languages”. It was exactly like the title says, programming languages that were created because they could as opposed to should. I then went on to “The Stories of the most Infamous Bugs”, how little oversights and mistakes can lead to disaster on near Armageddon. I then went to “Intro to Progressive Web Apps” Its weird when you follow what’s happening in the browser and web area and then later it’s like “What’s that?” yeah Progressive Web Apps oh that’s the name they gave to offline web apps. It was like Responsive web pages. I was familiar with the concept I just didn’t know that “They” gave it a name and that’s the new buzz word. I went to a presentation about comments are useless, this was a useless presentation by a mean spirited know it all. I then finished with a presentation of the history of coding languages and how they were derived from one another. I knew some of this but did not realize that Python was much older than I thought it was.



I started another course from Udemy on HMTL 5 Canvas. I already have worked with the Canvas object but thought I could learn more. I already have covered about a quarter of the course and found a few tips.

I have been working a new model in Blender. I will be posting about that later.

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  1. This was the post I’ve been waiting for; I wondered how Code Mash was this year…I missed it more than I thought I would, so I’m planning to attend next year. I think I like the “no theme” approach as it appeals to more people. Plus, IT lives are not (usually) about one topic told 12 different ways. 🙂
    How were the speed/lightning talks? Anything interesting?

  2. The lightning talks were a bit of a disappointment. There was one about putting on eyelashes? It was just weird this year. Nothing memorable.

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