Happy New Month!

We’ve made it through the polar vortex. This prompted me to wonder how often over the years this happens so I found out how to download 50 years of weather data from NOAA.  I will cover this later. I want to write a program that takes the data and averages out the daily temps for each week, month and year.


I finished work on the Hotwheels model. This is Red Catchup (ha get it, I didn’t name it) part of Hotwheels FARBS whatever that means. It sold in 1972. There were four different types one was called Myles Ahead he had the engine on his back with the exhaust near his butt.

I also decided to model the house I grew up in as it was in the early 70’s. Here is what I have so far. I had to do a lot of searching to track down the dimensions of the refrigerator. I was not able to track down the stove. I looked through many family photos and only found a few that had any of the kitchen in the background. While I am am doing this memories of different things in the house come back to me.