The Drummer now has colorful arms.


I have continued to work on the Drummer Boy pull toy. I worked on UV unmapping the arms and the main base. I plan to use one image to do both parts.

A UV map projects a 2D image onto a 3D image. All the planes or faces on the 3D object are represented by polygons on the UV map here you can see the part that makes up the arm. the white parts are for the main base the rectangular parts are going to be the decal that surrounds the drum and the side decals that say “Drummer Boy”.

Here is what the Drummer Boy pull toy looks like. The first image I added the preliminary paint which I will do a more detailed version in Krita.

I will do the decal graphics in Inkscape. I then decided the wheels did not look correct and worked on them.



I completed the Zenva course on creating Instagram like filters.  This course is from a Intro to Code Humble Bundle. It could also be named “Using OpenCV to manipulate images in Python.”  I did learn about image kernels, here is a good article on them. Image kernels are used to create many of the filters in image processing applications.  Here are some examples the first is convert the color to grayscale with a sharpen filter, the second is upped contrast lower brightness with a  guassian blur, the third image is an edge detect, grayscale with some added brightness.

I also started to watch the Blender course from Zenva. I am watching it to see if it is any good for a beginner.