Here’s where I am at



I am finished with the Drummer Boy pull toy for now. I may add a little part to move the arms later if I animate it.


While working on the Drummer Boy I decided I needed to revisit the toy train.  I have not been happy with the way the graphics are being stretched. I reworked some of the geometry and removed a thing call subdivision surface modifier.  Now it is just using smoothing. I think the changes look much better.



I did some more work in Python using the weather data. I then took some time to reconfigure my nginx webserver so that I can separate out what I need for and my other development needs. I should now be able to start writing a Canvas based chart display.



Great Courses , Mastering Stage Presence covering habitual patterns and DIY Engineering. I watched two lessons on the Engineering as he left a bit of a cliff hanger. Will his cardboard tower designed to hold a hundred pounds of pavers hold up? I had to know.