For the computer nerds the NSA released their new tool called Gihdra. Not the three headed dragon from old Japanese monster movies but a security tool. There is an 8 minute video on the site that can explain how to get started. For security researchers I understand this free tool replaces others costing many thousands of dollars.


I worked some more on the Canvas Javascript chart. I added code to differentiate the lines and dots. I also added a key. I will next add some type of scale grid.


I started work on a train engine for my new world object. Here it is in the world.


I watched another couple of the Great Courses. Mastering Stage Presence and DIY Engineering.

I finished reading the book “Weapons of Math Destruction”  by Cathy O’Neil. It is about how algorithms are being used more and more but since algorithms aren’t perfect they can make peoples lives miserable. If the robots and AI don’t get us the algorithms might.