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A while back I got a Humble Bundle from Zenva called “Intro to Coding”, it looked like it had a lot of things I would like to check out. Since they are intros I figure they won’t go in depth but should provide enough information to decide if they are things I would like to delve into deeper. I have now completed a couple of them. The photo filter one was good. The second one I watched was Blender creating low poly game assets. I watched this mainly to see if it would be a course I would recommend. I can say that as an intro to blender is covered the basics but you would quickly run into problems in short order. So yeah that’s about it. The instructor said this in each of the videos after a while it got annoying. But aside from that if you want a fairly quick introduction this would work.


I did more work on the Canvas Chart. I added dynamic scaling and vertical scale label and lines.


I added a scoop and connectors to the engine and created a boxcar and a tanker.



I watched another couple of lectures from Great Courses. Mastering Stage Presence, this one the last few lectures were more like yoga,tai chi and stretching. DIY Engineering, Concrete Sailboat. This covered the design considerations in building a small sailboat using concrete for the hull.