Today I spent some time rewriting the Android podcast player to use a service. I think I can use most of what I have done so far. Before I used the player UI to directly control a MediaPlayer object. Now the MediaPlayer object will be in the service and I will need to take UI data and send it to the service.


I continued with Udemy Blender Character Creator course. It seems at times we do things to just undo them. I noticed that I hand named my armature bones opposite of what the instructor had done. So I went through the trouble of making mine match his. It was several lectures later that he discovered he had them named wrong. So I switched them back.

Simplified controls for Inverse Kinematics controllers

Here is the low poly guy sitting on a sofa.

I have and idea of an animation I want to do with some birds. I figured it would be better to make sure I could make feathers before I spent a lot of time modeling only to find out I don’t have the skills yet. Here are some examples of using particle generation to try to produce feathers. I think with some tweaking and variation in the feather size and density it should work.

example renders of my attempt at bird feathers