Do Androids dream of bluetooth?

I spent quite a bit of time working on the Android podcast player. It mostly paid off. I can now use a Bluetooth device to control the player. I can pause and play and I overrode the next and previous functions to jump ahead 20 seconds and back 10 seconds respectively. In testing it, there is a problem when pausing. It terminates after a few seconds. I will have to hook it up to the debugger to hopefully find out what is happening. Sometimes when debugging the error occurs in a thread so there is no easily identifiable line of code to start from. This reminds me that a feature I want is a bookmark, so I can resume where I left off.


As usual I did some more of the Udemy Blender course. It covered using the dopesheet to manage keyframes. The result being the same animation but using fewer keyframes.

I worked some more on a bird. I have decided that I will probably have to break the bird up by head, body, wings, tail and feet. I am using particle effects to do the feathers so I will need to apply different versions of feather to different parts of the body. Here is the head so far.

That feather in the foreground is used for the feathers on the head.