Grease Pencil and jumping ball


I have tested the Android podcast player with my car. It worked fine until I got home. I was able to use the buttons on the steering wheel to jump forward and back. I was able to pause it when I was getting groceries and it resumed when I started the car. When I got home I turned the car off and carried the bags in and went to pause the player. The app had stopped but the audio was still playing until I clicked the OK button on the failed message.

I started coding in python to consume the JSON for stock data. I can extract all the close amounts for each day. I will want to be able to identify the last close of the month. The dates in the feed are only when the market was open. I think the safest way will be figure out when the month changes just use the previous close.


As usual more of the course I have been taking. We covered the grease pencil, a way to draw on the screen. So here is a quick animation of the grease pencil. I was supposed to make a bouncing ball.

We then returned to 3D animation to create some anticipation another principle of animation.

Jumping Ball