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I did some more work on the python script I added an option to only get the latest close. The JSON contains the last the 100 market dates. I was going to write code to reverse through the array so I would not have to traverse 100 items to find the last occurrence. I then realized that python allows for easy slicing of arrays. So, I checked if there are over 32 items and then sliced the last 32 items. Now I knew I would always have the last occurrence without traversing 100 items. Even going through 100 items was quick but still you should try to make your code efficient.


I continued with the Udemy course. It covered timing and staging. So here is a new version of the jumping ball with some tweaks to the timing and using a spot light to follow the ball.

Then the course covered easing in and easing out. When someone starts to move the body and its parts take time to accelerate and time to decelerate. So moving from balls to blocks. Here is a video showing blocks from front to back moving with ease in only, then ease out only, ease in and ease out and finally linear movement.

Racing squares all tie

Then we covered follow through. That when something comes to stop, it reacts to the abrupt stop by oscillating. The next video was just supposed to be a block with an elongated block on top. I decided it would be better as a robot.