Let’s see where I am

I have been using Krita for a while now and decided I should try and learn what all it can do. I found a course on Udemy “Krita basic to advanced digital painting” They currently have a sale going on, for a few more hours. I started the course and got through the Introduction section. It covered the basics of RGB, HSV, CMYK color modes, setting up your tablet and performance tips. While watching it I opened Krita and did the featured graphic for today.

Talking about courses of course I did some more in


I had a few days back done some more lectures, covering follow through overlapping action and secondary action. The follow through overlapping action is actions that take place due to physics. A moving object or person does not immediately stop there is a slight rocking, like a an arm swinging. Here is the results of the challenge from the lecture.

I added another section to the antenna to demonstrate the follow through overlapping action

Then we moved on to secondary action. Lets say the main action is something moving from point A to point B. The secondary action could be arms swings or hair blowing in the wind. In my case I decided to create a gibbon and have it do a flip.

Gibbon flipping from one point to another

Next we moved on to exaggeration. Here I made the gibbon jump higher with really long arms that shrink back down.

Gibbon flipping with really long arm

The course is covering the 12 basic principles of animation. One of them is solid drawing. In a 3D program we aren’t drawing but the idea of solid drawing is to try to convey that the character or object has volume and weight. Here is my results of three balls with different characteristics.

More bouncing balls.