Ding Dong!


I did some more work on the python code to process stock data. I had got d the processing of the JSON data far enough along, so I wrote the python to call the web service and download the JSON and store it to a file. I set up the python to include a list where I can store the target stock symbols. Then I can loop through the list and make the web call and store each JSON result to a file named using the stock symbol.


I finished the latest in section in the Udemy Blender Character course. As an end of section challenge we were to make an animation using primitives (cubes, spheres, planes) but somehow give the primitive appeal. I got an idea and started off ,6 hours later I was finished. I used Shotcut to edit the rendered video. I recorded the voices and sound effects myself. So from an empty blender file to a really short animation. Here is the end result I call it “Who’s at the door?”