Walking animation


More work on the character animation course. We animated the low poly cube guy to the 13 frame walking animation. On frame one it begins with a front foot contact. Think of your heel hitting. Then on frame 4 the body is at its lowest. On frame 7 the you have the back leg make a pass to the front where on frame 10 the body extends to its highest point to then move to frame 13 which begins the cycle for the other foot. This results in a complete walk cycle of 24 frames. Here is the first version of the walk

After the initial animation we were instructed to refine it. I figured out how to get the shoes to angle when moving. I also tuned down the side to side rocking.


I also continued with the course on Krita. I was a little apprehensive in changing the UI but I went along with it. Customizing keyboard shortcuts does save a lot of time. We also customized a collection of brushes. The selection of brushes in Krita can be overwhelming. So we started an exercise creating a skull. Here is what I have so far.

I think from what I learned today and last week I already got my moneys worth.