More fun with Windows

I was listening to a Security Now podcast and Steve Gibson mentioned that there is a update for Windows 7 that will help make sure you continue to get updates until Windows 7 is end of life come January 2020. So I decided that it had been a while since I last updated it. I mainly use the Windows 7 for a game machine. It has my downloads for Steam. So I ran the Windows update and it ran for quite some time, before I realized that it was not working. I checked online and found that you can correct this by running the trouble shooter in the control panel. I ran that, it ran for quite some time. I finally decided to reboot and then after the reboot it completed checking for updates. It found over 700MB of updates. I only update the security so again here we go. After the update finally downloaded and installed everything I then proceeded with the mandatory reboots. It only took 2 reboots. Still it killed an afternoon.

That Windows 7 machine dual boots with Ubuntu Mate. So while this was all happening I was not able to work on the courses for Blender or Krita. After the update I was able to do some more of the Krita course so here is the finished skull. We added the details and cleaned up some of the shading.

Todays featured image is a quick digital painting I did. I found a website that presents images for you to do gesture sketches. I picked animals and set the timer for two minutes. The fish showed up, it would not have been my first choice but I had already decided I would draw whatever it presented.