Out on a cliff

Yesterday I tried to access Udemy but looked like the site was having problems. I wound up reading about the Moon landing in Smithsonian Magazine. It was interesting how close it came to not happening. Had it not happened in the 60’s I doubt it would have happened at all. I don’t think the politicians could have gotten the funding for it.

Today I was able to get back on Udemy so here is the results of the a latest lecture on Krita. We added local shading.

I also got back to the Blender course. I think I may skip some of the challenges as they are so basic I am bored with them. I did manage to create a low poly electric guitar before I decided I would skip the challenges until it interests me or may re-enforce something I did not know. I think once we get past the reviewing the basics we will be getting back to creating a humanoid figure and rigging it with an armature.


Krita released its latest version 4.2. I watched a video of the new features. I guess they also addressed over 1000 bugs. So I you want a digital painting application head on over to Krita. One of the new things is that they now have an offline version of the manual. There is a link on the manual page where you can download it as an epub.

I did get a comment on I am pretty sure is spam. They are getting more sophisticated by adding keywords from the site. They added my first name and made references to it. The text made no sense. So it was spam or someone was having a stroke.