Not restarting the blog just working on the Blender course. I am not sure where the course is going, but on the chance that I may need this object I went ahead and created as part of the challenges.

This is a flow from a very simple low poly boot to one that will have a strap with a buckle. We will see.


Still working my way through the Krita course.

From the dept of nothing can ever be easy. I have been doing some home improvement work in the bathroom. While removing the plate for the overflow the screws broke. Once I figured I could get a replacement I went and ordered it. Of course it would not readily fit. The new version is a single screw where the old version was two screws with a lever to control the drain cutoff with a chain. The chain must have broke a long time ago, it never worked since I have lived here. But anyway I figured with the current drain plug I would not need the lever anyway. The new plate came with an aluminum bar that would in theory wedge between the two screws. The plate was too big to fit so I had to cut and file it down. I eventually got it to fit.